Class Descriptions

Coach David

Coach David

At Spartanburg Gymnastics, we offer classes for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. Safety is our top priority and we use the Errorless Learning Method.
Below we have descriptions for all of our classes. Check the Class Schedule page for days and times when each class is offered.

Tremendous work has gone into developing a system that takes good care of children using the best and safest methods. Fun “Reinforcers” are interspersed with lesson activities to create enthusiasm and skills are broken into small parts: the Errorless Learning Method. A key to Spartanburg Gymnastics’ success is our written lesson plans.

New students will start with the Beginner Class for their age and then move to Intermediate / Advanced classes when they have mastered the basics.


Joey’s (ages 16 months to 3 years)

Toddlers grin, giggle, and bounce through these fun packed lessons! Joey classes teach both parent and child a combination of organized exercise activities. Boredom never has a chance, as the trained pre-school gymnastics specialist leads parents and tots through Spartanburg Gymnastics super-charged lesson plans. Fast paced, planned activities are different every week!

Poppers (ages 3 to 4 1/2 years)

Youngsters participate in small groups led by the teachers.  Parents may observe from our comfortable lounge area. Spartanburg Gymnastics fun pre-gymnastics lesson plans teach preschoolers’ to follow directions and take turns, as well as enhancing basic motor development. A kaleidoscope of new carefully planned activities each week!

Tumblers A (ages 4 1/2 to 5 Years)

Children master gymnastics tricks success rate built into each Spartanburg Gymnastics lessons plan is a key factor for developing self esteem and motivation!

Tumblers B (ages 6 to 14 Years)

Children develop basic fitness skills while mastering exciting gymnastics tricks. Step 1 takes a child with no experience and quickly builds skills and success.  Steps 2, 3, and 4 teach advanced beginning gymnastics skills, following an illustrated workbook to mark daily progress.


Jumpers (ages 4 1/2 to 8 1/2)

This Spartanburg Gymnastics’ program is designed for very young children who are exceptionally strong and agile. Students must pass a difficult “Talent Spotter”.

Flippers (Pre-Team) (ages 6 to 14 Years)

This Spartanburg Gymnastics’ program provides intermediate and advanced instruction on all Olympic Competitive Events! Girls learn back handsprings, kips, and arial maneuvers as they reach the highest physical levels!


Boys (ages 6 to 18 Years)

This beginning Spartanburg Gymnastics’ program uses Men’s Olympic apparatus! Like ALL Spartanburg Gymnastics Achievement Programs, an illustrated workbook keeps students and parents informed about skill expectations and progress.


Private cheerleading lessons are available by appointment. Please call and schedule your class today.